ICEA LION Assets Management LTD.

ICEA LION Asset Management Ltd (ILAM) is a subsidiary of a large stable Financial Services Group, ICEA LION Holdings with footprint across East Africa.

ILAM was incorporated in 1985 thus making us one of the oldest fund managers in Kenya with 35 years of fund management experience

The business has recorded strong growth in Assets under management having more clients coming on board. Clients trust in our capabilities, stellar performance and excellent client service.


Our clients are mainly institutional and corporate investors with short-term cash management and medium-to-long term investment needs, including retirement funds asset management, and retail investors with surplus cash to invest at regular intervals or in once off lump sum investments. Our retail clients comprise of individual investors, high net-worth individuals, clubs, small business associations, and community cooperatives.

ILAM Funds

  • Segregated Pension Scheme Management
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • REIT Management
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Property Investment Management
  • Offshore Assets Management
  • Balance Sheet Asset Management
  • Umbrella Pension Schemes Management
  • Investment Advisory Services

ILAM Values

We aim to adopt the best values and techniques as practiced internationally into the Kenyan investment management industry.

Our main values are:

  • We see through the eyes of the customer
  • Our people are important to us
  • We deliver on our promises
  • We champion integrity



Real Estate Investments Trusts ( REIT)  are generally medium to long term investments. The value of participatory interests may go down as well as up and past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. An investment in the REIT Securities (as a REIT unitholder) is an equity investment. Distributions and return of capital is not guaranteed and are entirely dependent on the performance of the fund. Units in the REITs are listed and traded at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Consequently,  the price of the REIT units are market driven and may not necessarily equal to the Net Asset Value of the REIT. The REIT may undertake secondary offers as and when the need arises.