Strategic Objectives

Sustained Growth and Income:
Our primary goal is to offer investors a reliable avenue for consistent income and long-term capital growth. Through diligent management and strategic investment decisions, we aim to foster financial prosperity for our valued stakeholders.

Strategic Asset Selection:
We employ an active management approach to carefully select prime properties within thriving economic zones. This approach ensures that our portfolio is poised for sustainable growth and optimized returns, while minimizing risks.

Diversification Advantage:
By investing in real estate, an asset class that's distinct from others, we provide an opportunity to enhance portfolio risk-return profiles. Our diversified range of property types adds a layer of stability and potential growth to our investors' portfolios.

Transparent Tax Structure:
We prioritize transparency in tax matters. While the REIT enjoys income tax exemption, we ensure clarity by adhering to relevant tax regulations. Unit holders are subject to withholding tax at applicable KRA rates on their income from the REIT.

Unveiling Investment Clarity:
We believe in demystifying investments. With our transparent investment vehicle and comprehensive reporting in line with the regulatory requirements, investors gain a comprehensive understanding of their investments, including the assets, associated costs, and expected returns, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Easy Accessibility:
The ILAM Fahari I-REIT offers a hassle-free alternative to dealing with physical property transactions. Our units can be easily bought or sold on the stock exchange, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional real estate transactions.

Market Liquidity:
Our listing on the Kenyan NSE creates a vibrant secondary market for I-REIT units, ensuring investors enjoy enhanced liquidity and the ability to manage their holdings more flexibly.

Robust Returns:
By harnessing the capital gains and rental income from our underlying properties, we deliver a reliable and consistent return profile to investors, enhancing their financial well-being over the long term.

Regulatory Assurance:
The ILAM Fahari I-REIT operates under the watchful eye of the Kenyan Capital Markets Authority (CMA). Our commitment to adhering to regulatory standards ensures investor confidence and trust.

Expansive Investment Scope:
Our investable universe encompasses a wide array of sectors, including mixed-use developments, retail, commercial, industrial, hospitality, residential, and specialized buildings. This versatility empowers us to seize opportunities and create diverse value streams.

At ILAM Fahari I-REIT, these strategic objectives drive us towards a future where real estate investments become a cornerstone of financial success and community enrichment.